Dream AIO will make your sneaker copping game easier, faster, and more successful. If you know little to nothing about this bot, then keep reading to get an overview of this bot.

What is Dream AIO?

Dream AIO is a sneaker copping bot developer with sneaker bots that you can use to gain a competitive advantage over others interested in the same release as you do. Their bot is only useful in limited-edition releases – in other to beat the competition. From the name, you will think that they have an AIO (All in One) bot. in reality, their bots are only for a selected list of sites. Currently, Dream AIO has two bots in its product line – DreamBSTN and DreamKICKZ – and none of these is an AIO Bot. However, you can tell that they have an interest in the development of a full AIO bot in the future.

The DreamBSTN is for BSTN drops and raffles, while the DreamKICZ is for the KICKZ sites. One thing you will come to like about their bot is the support for raffle. Raffles were introduced by sneaker sites to make the speed at which bot operates useless – and you need more luck to cop. However, with the help of a raffle bot, your chances are increased because you can afford to send hundreds and thousands of entries. Dream AIO bots are some of the efficient and reliable sneaker bots out there.

How Does Dream AIO Bots Work?

The Dream AIO bots (DreamBSTN and DreamKICKZ) are automation bots. What they do is that they automate the process of making a purchase on the BSTN and KICKZ website, respectively. But the flavor is not in just automation but in the speed of execution, which is much more than a human can compete with and thus, giving you more chance in drops. For raffle draws, they allow you to send as many unique entries as you wish in other to increase your chances. They are able to do this by replicating web requests you send to these websites.

They make use of proxies, Captcha solvers, and other anti-bot techniques to evade detection as bots. By using anti-bot techniques, requests are made as unique as possible in other to avoid detection as sneaker sites do not allow bot traffic on their sites, especially on limited-edition releases as they use their undue advantages to deny other users access. Using this bot is actually very easy – thanks to the simple user interface that comes with the bot. to learn how this bot works and how to make use of it, you can watch the video featured below.

Dream AIO Features

The bots are seen as solutions to their sneaker copping problems – and they actually deliver. Let take a look at some of their features below.

Multiple Platform Support

Most of the sneaker bots in the market only have support for the Windows OS, and as such, non-Windows users will have to make use of Windows VPS in other to make use of the bot, which can be seen as extra work. The bots provided y Dream AIO have native support for both Windows and Mac. This then means that you save costs on servers if you have a powerful market and Internet connection.

Anti-Bot Support System

With this bot, you do not have to worry about being detected as it makes use of a host of techniques to make sure it remains undetected as it goes about automating your actions on the supported sites. Their bots have support for proxies, which are a must if you need to automate more than one account. They have a Captcha bypassing system in beta at the time of writing this article.

Easy to Use

The Dream AIO has made their bots very easy to use. As stated earlier, the user interface is intuitive enough, even for first-time users. Not only that, but they also have support for a quick launcher and a queue handler.


Their bots are not some of the cheapest out there. First time payment for their bot is €8999. This is renewable every 6 months at a price of €3000 for DreamKICKZ and €5000 for DreamBSTN.

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If you have an interest in using any of their bot, then you will need to head over to the Dream AIO website and make a purchase.


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