Destroyer Proxies

Are you aware that aside from developing a sneaker bot, Project Destroyer also have their own sneaker optimized proxies for a maximum copping result? If no, then you’re about to read a brief overview of Destroyer Proxies.

Destroyer Proxies – an Overview

Project Destroyer is a sneaker bot known for destroying limited-edition releases. The team behind the bot sees the need to develop optimized proxies alongside their bot since the general proxies in the market in some cases are at a disadvantage. These proxies are known as Destroyer Proxies. Just like their bot counterparts, they can help you send requests at blazing speed, thereby increasing your chances of succeeding. They are not meant for only Project Destroyer Bot; you can use them together with any sneaker bot of your choice. Or even use them as general proxies.

Destroyer Proxies work if you know how to use them well, in conjunction with either Project Destroyer Bot or any other bot. You have to follow other botting guidelines to avoid getting detected. Visit the Destroyer proxies site.



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