Copster Bot

Are you looking for a sneaker copping bot that works -and is available on the ios platform? Then Copster should be one of the options you should consider. Below is a brief description of this bot.

What is Copster?

The Copster bot is a sneaker copping bot that you can use for buying limited-edition sneakers, wears, and other apparel from popular sneaker sites, including Supreme. Like a sneaker bot, all they do is to replicate the web requests you will send when making a purchase. But it does this in an automated manner, thereby providing you the competitive speed advantage required in a first-come-first-serve sneaker release. The sneaker market has become so competitive that without making use of a bot, it becomes very difficult to secure just a pair as the big players are using a bot.

One thing you will come to like about this bot is that you can use it straight from your mobile phone – it supports only iOS devices. Also important is the fact that the bot is one of the cheapest out there, and you do not have to pay through your nose to sure a bot license for copping. With a sneaker bot like the Copster, you do not have any reason to iOS out in a release. However, you need to know that no sneaker bot in the market will provide you guarantee in a competitive market as the sneaker market.

How Does Copster Copping Bot Work?

Are you wondering how this bot goes through the purchase process on sneaker sites? Well, it might interest you to know that it is doing nothing special other than what your browser does. In fact, what this bot does is that it replicates the same requests your browsers send when you are going through the process. However, one thing you will come to like about the workings of this bot is that it goes through the process at a very fast pace, thereby squashing the competition and helping you secure many pairs. Also important is the fact that it does this in an undetectable mode.

The Copster bot comes with a frontend and a backend. The frontend is the User Interface (UI) and the part of the bot that you can see and interact with. This has been designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Hidden behind the simplicity of the UI is a complex and functional backend that holds the functionality of the bot. This bot is actually one of the easiest to make use of out there. To learn how to make use of this bot, watch the video featured below.

Major Features of Copster

If you are to check out this bot on the App Store, you will discover that it has impressive reviews, and this is not unconnected to the fact that the bot comes with good features. Let take a look at some of these features below.

Fast and Safe to Use

If you are to visit the Copster website, you will observe that they stated that it is the fastest iOS bot out there. While we can’t confirm this claim, we can confirm that the bot goes through the purchase process very fast. Interestingly, it does this in a safe and secure manner to prevent sneaker sites from detecting your bot traffic, which could lead to automatic disqualification.

Multiple Task Support

The Copster bot has support for creating and running multiple tasks concurrently. With this, you can cop more than a pair at once. This increases your chances of copping more than a pair, much more than waiting for one task to finish running before starting another in the queue.

Multiple Accounts Support

Because it has support for creating multiple tasks, this bot also has support for adding multiple accounts. This is required as each task is supposed to be run with unique account details and other such as shipping and payment details.


When it comes to pricing, you will discover that this bot is one of the cheapest working proxies available. For this bot, you will have to download it free from the App Store. However, you will have to make an in-app purchase of $19.99 for ones, and the bot is yours forever. If you want, you can donate $1.9 for development.

Join the Copster Community Today!

If you want to make use of this bot, you can head over to the Copster page in the App Store and download it. The download is free – it is the usage that requires you to make an in-app purchase.


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