Copbot is one of the Supreme copping bot with smart technology in place to mimic human behavior during checkout to avoid tripping off Supremes’ antispam checks for bot. It is one of the best in the market.

What is Copbot?

Copbot is an auto checkout bot developed for Supreme sneakerheads. With this bot, sweeping every drop becomes easy and an everyday thing. While it comes with a lot of features, at its basic level, it is nothing but a software that mimics how humans behave while buying from Supreme online stores – but it does it fast and smart.


With over 120,000 checkouts, Copbot is no doubt, one of the successful copping bots out there. Not only has it being able to cop this number of sneakers, but it is also insanely fast in doing so as it takes an average of 2.5 seconds for it to check out an item. The bot comes in two variants – Google Chrome Extension and iOS app.

How Does It Work?

Copbot is an automation bot, and just like any automation tool, it does what humans do but very fast and repetitive. The bot has a graphical user interface that you, as a user use to command it backend to act. The backend is responsible for sending requests to Supreme sites. To learn how to command the bot, watch the video below.

Copbot Features

As I stated earlier, at its basic level, Copbot is an auto-checkout bot. Interestingly, it comes with a light feel and fluid when in use without anything holding you back.

Built-in Droplist with Keyword

Never miss any drop with Copbot built-in droplist and keywords. Except you will dedicate a chunk of your time to doing research on Supreme drops and their keywords, you will definitely miss out on a drop. With Copbot, you do not have to worry as all these are provided for you right out of the box days before each drop. This does away with any hassle associated with finding keywords and drop information.

Schedule Task

One of the interesting features that come with Copbot Supreme bot is its task scheduler. With this feature, you do not have to be around your computer or smartphone during any drop. What you need to do is to create the tasks and schedule a time for them to run. When it is time, the tasks will all run on their own. However, Google Chrome needs to be on for this to work in the case of their Chrome Extension.

Restock Monitor

One thing about copping limited-edition sneakers is that it is very competitive, and as such, even though you are using a bot, you can still lose out – that’s why no bot will guarantee you of a successful cop. However, for Copbot, they have a restock monitor that wait for restocking and try again. The restock capability has helped its users cop a little over 8,000 items.

ReCaptcha Bypass

Are you looking for a bot that will take away the boring process of solving captcha for you? Then Copbot is one of the bots you should look at. It comes with a captcha solving technology that automatically helps you with solving captchas, and as such, you do not need to worry about that.


Copbot is priced at £99.99. However, this amount is for a lifetime. You do not have to pay any other subscription fee or update fee again. This makes it a good bot for the money.

Buy this Bot Today

No doubt, the developers of the Copbot had put in a lot of experience and expertise to get it to the level it is now, and it is as functional as any other Supreme copping bot – with ease. If you are interested in buying it, go straight to the Copbot website and make your order.


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