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Looking for a Supreme sneaker copping bot that is advanced, get the job done, and quite affordable? Then go for the Cooked sneaker bot, it is one of the best Supreme sneaker bots that has support for the popular system platforms.

What is Cooked Bot?

Cooked is one of the sneaker copping bots out there dedicated to copping from Supreme US and EU sites. Aside from copping sneakers, it can be used for copping other items as well. The bot automates the process of adding Supreme items to the cart and checking them out as fast as possible. For limited-edition Supreme products, you need to use a bot like Cooked to increase your chance since it is largely a game of speed.

cooked bot

Cooked was developed with the latest technology to ensure that it moves at a blazingly fast speed. Aside from speed, it also comes with some competitive advantages that can only be rivaled by some of the best bots in the industry. One of such is its used of delay in checkout to mimic human behavior in other to prevent detection and subsequent ban.

How Does It Work?

When it comes to the way Cooked Supreme bot work, it is just a replication of how you will make an order on Supreme sites. the major difference is the speed at which it gets this done on your behave. The bot comes with an intuitive interface, and that is meant for you to use. Your interaction with this graphical user interface is sent to the backend, which processes t and act, depending on the command you issue. To learn how to use this bot, watch the video featured below.

Cooked Bot Features

Cooked Supreme bot is an advanced bot that though, does not guarantee you success in the copping game but will increase your chances of succeeding. It comes with some interesting features that make this possible. Let a look at some of them.

Cross-Platform Support

In the sneaker botting industry, Windows rule here. Most of the bots in the market are Windows-based and as such, require a VPS for them to work on other platforms. Cooked is one of the bots that are truly cross-platform. It provides support for Windows, Mac, and even iOS. This makes this bot functional on both desktop and mobile.

 Lifetime Updates

With Cooked, you do not have to pay for updates as you would in other sneaker bots. With your license after purchase, updates become free for you. This makes this bot cost-effective and presents fewer headaches like other providers will expect you to pay before you get the updated version of the app.

Bypass Detection

Supreme sites are becoming smart in their fight against botting, and Cooked is aware of all the techniques they explore. This enables it to come up with counter-measures to ensure that they are never detected. One of the techniques it uses is the checkout delay.

Multiple Product Carting

Cooked has been developed not for the sneakerheads in your street that requires just a pair but for sneaker resellers that are interested in copping many pairs for resale. Because of this, it can be used for adding multiple items of the same model in carts.


One thing I like about Cooked sneaker bot is its pricing model – it is purchased ones, for a lifetime. This lifetime license is not the only good thing about the pricing model, it is also cheap, and with only $50, you can get a copy of this bot. interestingly, it comes with a lifetime free update.

Buy Cooked Supreme Bot Today

Cooked has helped a lot of resellers and sneakerheads success in the copping game – your case won’t be different. If you intend buy Cooked for a lifetime and enjoy their prompt updates, Click Here today.


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