Are you looking for the best providers of premium Nike accounts you can use for your Nike/SNKRS releases? Then Boro Accounts should be top on your list.

Boro Nike Accounts – an Overview

Boro Accounts deals in Nike accounts – and no, they are not like other providers. They are seriously into the business and provide you nothing more than the best. One thing you will come to like about Boro Accounts is that they allow their accounts to age before selling them – the do this to make the account more trustworthy.

From Boro Accounts, you can buy Nike accounts from many regions, including the US, EU, Japan, Canada, and Australia, among others. All of their Nike accounts are verified using real sims and comes with 30 days guarantees.

Buy Nike Accounts from Boro Today!

Generally, Boro Accounts have 3 tiers of Nike account – basic tier, premium tier, and ultra tier. While the basic tier is regular accounts, the ultra tier consists of the best forms of accounts – they are more expensive. Boro Accounts have a VIP community that provides tools for users – and buying 500 accounts makes you an automatic member. Visit the Boro Accounts website now to make a purchase.


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