BlackHat Proxies

Have you come across a proxy provider that has both rotating and sticky IPs? If not, you may visit BlackHat proxies that have these two properties and many others?

BlackHat Proxies – an Overview

If you have a proxy company with rotating and sticky IPS, BlackHat Proxies guarantees higher sneaker site performance. First, the rotation IPS changes automatically to decrease any chance of the sneaker sites blocking you. Secondly, Sticky IPs favor sneaker proxies because they require a higher copping session.

BlackHat proxies

Apart from those two features, the following are the other features of BlackHat. They therefore include:

No Data Expiry

Unlike those proxy providers where data expires after a particular time, BlackHat bundles never expire but you can only use them up.

Allow Username/Password Authentication.

If your worry is the privacy of your proxy account, then BlackHat proxies got you covered. BlackHat contains a username or password authentication to secure your details and browsing history from prying eyes. To set a username/password, BlackHat has a page on a dashboard for you to do so.

Allow Geo-targeting

BlackHat covers many countries where it allows geo-targeting of those places. In other words, BlackHat has specified proxies for countries and sites. The advantage to geo-targeting is the fastness of proxies. Still, if sneaker sites are located close to that area, accessing them would be easier.

Responsive Support

It’s essential for proxy providers to have discords that enable social chatting and group discussions. BlackHat is one of the sites that supports discords and uses it as a customer support forum.

Compatible with a Bot

BlackHat proxies have a supportive bot that addresses its client’s issues. The bot is like a search engine that will automatically address your queries.


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