The 10 Best Cook Group to Join in 2021

Joining the best cook group allows you to get the latest sneaker release information in time, as well as other special features, which can help you get a greater chance of getting a pair of favorite sneakers.

Best Cook Groups

You obviously know what cook groups are if you are a serious sneakers cop. Well, they are chat groups where sneaker cops share useful information and updates about the industry. You can never miss information about market trends if you join the right cook group.

The following are 10 cook groups to consider joining if you wanna take your sneaker copping business to the next level.

1. Site Supply

Site Supply

Are you looking for a platform where you can get all the information you need to cop sneakers like a pro? Then don’t look further because Site Supply is the place to be. The cook group provides members with News on all matters related to the sneaker copping industry.

Site Supply also provides its members with Feeds and regular updates about market trends and releases. If you want to receive updates and news in your email, you should join their mailing list. You can also follow them on Twitter and Instagram for regular updates.

2. Amnotify


It will cost you $60 per month to join and use Amnotify. The group provides sneaker enthusiasts with “The ultimate tool you need to improve your resell profits. Here you get release updates, early links, and access to exclusive group buys. Amnotify offers its users timely alerts whenever there’s restock or surprise drop.

Additionally, its members enjoy top-notch customer support whenever they need help.  You also get early SNKRS info and KITH early links. Don’t forget to follow them on Instagram and Twitter for regular updates.

3. Notify


Membersof Notify cook group enjoy premium features so that they can get premium results when copping sneakers. It will cost you $60 per month to join and use this group. Notify monitors have exclusive access to hundreds of websites that sell sneakers.

They have also collaborated with some of the greatest providers to make sure its members have access to exclusive tools. As a result, its members get early links and updates about sneaker releases.

Additionally, Notify members have access to Top-Tier Group buys and they enjoy top-notch 24/7 customer support. You can also follow them on Twitter and Instagram for regular updates.

4. Hidden society

Hidden society

This is an “Exclusive, all-in-one group” where you can learn everything you need to enhance your skills as a sneaker cop. Hidden Society gives its members access to exclusive links and high-end information about sneaker releases and market trends.

It will cost you $59.99/month to join the Hidden Society.  The cook group is committed to ensuring its members excel in their sneaker copping businesses. Members also have access to group buys, exclusive tools, and dedicated 24/7 customer support.

The group is a tested and proven strong pillar for anyone looking for resources to take their sneaker copping business to greater heights. Hidden society is also available on Twitter and Instagram.



You can never go wrong as a sneaker cop if you join the AYCD cook group. The group is designed to help its members to maximize efficiency, productivity and profits. This is one of the most affordable groups in the market because they charge $30 per month. Members of AYCD have access to unlimited premium support and proxy network discounts.

Here you get all the services and tools that you need to grow your sneaker copping business. AYCD updates its platform regularly and there is always something new for you. More so, you don’t have to worry about your online security when using AYCD because user safety and privacy is their priority.

6. Restock World

Restock World

This is an “Exclusive, All-in-one, Reselling Community.” Restock World provides its users with all the resources they need to take their business to the next level. These resources include custom tools, early info, release guides, and fast monitors among others. Users of Restock World also have access to group buys where members can get exclusive bots and proxies.

The group charges a membership fee of $60 per month. You can buy membership from their limited restocks or a third party, It’s also worth noting that Restock World has a friendly UI and members enjoy outstanding customer support and

7. AK Chefs

AK Chefs

The list of the best cook groups can’t be complete without mentioning AK Chefs. Members of this group have access to in-house free tools, early links, group buys and other resources they need to excel as sneaker cops. AK Chefs monitor numerous online platforms that sell sneakers. That way, you can never miss any sneaker release if you become its member.

Their customer support is committed to ensuring it members are comfortable. New members get keys for their accounts within 1-3 hours after placing their order. You can follow them on Instagram and Twitter for more details and regular updates.

8. Calicos


This cook group charges $50 per month for its membership. Here you have access to all tools and services that you need to cop sneakers, resell them and make profits.Members of Calicos have access to accurate and early sneaker information about any surprise releases and shock drops.

The cook group also offers its members excellent 27/7 customer support, accurate kith early links, and group buys. Calicos use fast custom monitors that beat others by seconds to give their members a competitive advantage. You can also get lifetime membership from the group’s giveaways or buy them from third-party dealers such as BotBroker.

9. Notify Squared

Notify Squared

Are looking for a “Resell group devoted to making you profits” stress-free? Then Notify Squared is all you need. Members of this cooks group have access to services, guidance, and tools they need to take their sneaker copping business to the next level. Notify Squared is a tested and proven cook group that has over 1000 happy customers.

Members get instant notification whenever there is a drop alert. That way, you can rest assured that you’ll never lose any release after joining Notified Squared. The group also offers private, in-house safe bot rentals, early links, and exclusive information, and 24/7 customer support. It will cost you just $ 35 a month to join Notify Squared and take advantage of its services.

10. Peachy Pings

Peachy Pings

“This is the only community that you will ever need” to grow your sneaker copping business. Peachy Pings provides its members with bespoke tools that they need to cop and re-sell sneakers so that they can make profits. However, you need to pay a monthly subscription of £35 per month to enjoy the services of the group.

Peachy Pings works with various best names in the sneaker industry to make sure you don’t miss any sneaker release. The cook group has worldwide support, thus suitable for sneaker cops from all parts of the world.


Joining a cook group is a good choice if you’re a serious sneaker cop. That way, you have access to the resources you need to grab the number of sneakers you want.

However, I recommend that you join a group that matches your needs. You can choose any cook group from those listed above and start copping sneakers like a pro.


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