Bart Proxies

Do you want a proxy with a subnetted network, which improves the network performance and speed? If you wish to have such a proxy provider, Bart Proxies might interest you.

Bart Proxies – an Overview

Bart Proxies is among the few sneaker proxies that provide hundreds of network subnets. There are various benefits of proxy network subnets in Bart proxies, which includes:

  • They improve proxy performance
  • Reduce network congestion
  • There is enhanced security
  • Allow fast data transmission
  • Allows easy management of a proxy network
  • Apart from the network subnets, the following are other benefits of Bart Proxies

Bart Proxies

Apart from the network subnets, visit the Bart Proxies Website to find the following features.

Proxy Types

Bart proxies have three proxies: ISP proxies, Captcha proxies, and Residential proxies. First, the Residential proxies claim the lion share with over one million IPs. Such numerous IPs enable you to run multiple tasks on a network which is favorable for sneaker bots.

The residential proxies provide clean IPs, which change randomly to deter you from being blocked by sneaker sites.

Secondly, Bart Proxies provides the ISP proxies. Since residential proxies and ISP proxies emanate from ISP providers, people usually confuse them. However, they are different in terms of speed and serviceability. ISP proxies are fast because they have a dedicated network specializing in sneaker sites.

On the other hand, residential proxies are slow because they lose their speed when they route their network to multiple IP Addresses.

Thirdly, Bart proxies have Captcha proxies. These proxies specialize in removing Captcha restrictions which slows the proxy connection rate.

Bart Proxies Pricing

The Bart Proxies’ Pricing depends on its proxy types. That means you will get packages of ISP, premium residential, and Captcha proxies.

For ISP plans, Bart Proxies have plans like AT&T proxies, Century Link Proxies, and Sprint ISP. The Century Link and Sprint ISP have a similar price of $62.5, while AT&T has a fee of $75. All these packages are valued at 25 proxies on monthly, two months, and three months.

When it comes to premium proxies, their packages depend on bandwidth. That is because their price is $40 on 2GB per sixty days-which is renewable.

Captcha proxies are the cheapest because they deal with only Captcha bypassing. Their rate is $28 for 25 proxies monthly, 2 months, or 3 months.

Fast Speed

Since there are dedicated ISP proxies and subnets, Bart Proxies are fast. This feature is essential in bypassing the Sneaker platform’s blocks and consistent timeouts. A fast proxy also enables you to cop multiple pairs before time runs out.

Supports Both IP and Username/Password Authentication

Bart Proxies allows password authentication to safeguard your proxy network. Bart Proxies contains a slot where you can input your preferred password.

Still, Bart Proxies allow IP authorization which may use your ISP Address for proxy authentication. That means the moment the system detects your ISP address; it connects you automatically to websites.

24/7 Customer Support

Bart Proxies has responsive customer support whenever you have an issue with their services. You contact them by submitting a ticket containing your question.


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