As someone interested in sneaker copping, you need to know that sneaker sites you send bot traffic to for copping purpose will mostly have mechanisms to deny your bot traffic access to its service. You will need to make use of some techniques and tools to make the anti-bot systems non-functional. AYCD has a set of tools that will make automation easy for you.

What is AYCD?

AYCD is an automation service provider. It has a lot of tools that are key to the botting industry, and it with – automation can be done right in a simple way without you dealing with a lot of technicalities. You will agree with me that dealing with proxies, Captcha, accounts, cookies, and a host of other technologies you need to set up a functional bot can be tasking – and if you don’t even know how to deal with them – you are sure to ruin your automation game. With the set of tools and services provided by AYCD, a lot of the technical aspects of automation can be delegated easily.

This service provider has gotten in right in a lot of aspects, and for this, it gets customers from around different niches in the botting industry. A good number of web scrapers, social media automation developers, and a host of others make use of their tools. Take, for instance, their proxies and Captcha bypassing technology are quite important to the sneaker industry. Let take a look at some of the tools provided by this business.

AYCD Services

The focus of the AYCD is the botting industry, but the services they provide are diverse – and you will most likely find a service you will want to make use of. Let take a look at a rundown of the services they provide.

Proxy Network

AYCD has a proxy network developed for the sneaker copping industry. Their proxies are residential proxies that are premium, fast, and secure. With the AYCD proxy network, you will not need proxies from another provider as you can generate as many proxies as you require for your copping game. They charge based on bandwidth usage – price starts at $13.5 per GB. They have proxies in all countries of the world and offer both rotating and static residential IPs.

Aside from their residential proxy network, they also have premium ISP proxies that come with lightning speed and unlimited data usage. The IPs sold to you are tested to make sure they are unbanned before sold to you. They are static IPs and a proxy sold for $0.85, which can be termed affordable and cheap when compared with other premium datacenter proxies in the market.

The Toolbox

The toolbox comes with a good number of powerful tools that are useful to bot developers. The tools in the toolbox include OneClick, which is one of the best ReCaptcha farming tools in the market. They also have the BotManager for managing sneaker bots. In the toolbox is also CookieGen for generating cookies and ServerGen for generating data center servers, among other tools. The whole toolbox is priced at a price of $30 monthly.


According to AYCD, AutoSolve is a “revolutionary way of solving Captcha.” With AutoSolve, you will not have to worry about losing out in a drop because of a Captcha challenge. You can integrate the OneClick Captcha solver from the toolbox effortless. It has support for solving Captcha across multiple sneaker sites. You can also integrate a third-party solver with the AutoSolve service. The AutoSolve service costs $10 monthly.

Become Part of the AYCD Users and Start Copping

From the above, you can tell that the tools and services provided by AYCD are very useful to the sneaker copping industry and many other industries. If you are interested in using any of their tools, you will need to create an account on their website. From the above, you can tell that the tools are separate, and you will have to make payment separately. One thing you will come to like about AYCD is that you can count on them – and their services are regularly updated to provide a chance of succeeding in the copping game. To make use of their service and become part of the AYCD community, you can head over to the AYCD website now.


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