ANB Supreme Bot

the ANB Supreme Bot is yet another sneaker copping bot from the makers of Another Nike Bot (ANB).  The bot is easy to use, comes with a lot of important features, and is incredibly cheap.

What’s ANB Supreme Bot?

The Supreme Bot by ANB is an add to cart program made for the swift adding and checking out of limited edition sneakers from Supreme sites. This bot automates the whole process of making a purchase and does it quick fast and supports simultaneous buying. This had made the bot a choice among sneakerheads interested in Supreme wears. It is one of the 3 major bots developed and sold by the team behind Another Nike Bot.

ANB Supreme Bot

If what you are looking for is a bot that is functional, gets the job done, is easy to operate, and gets updated frequently to meet changes made to the Supreme sites, then going for this bot won’t be a bad idea. As it is now, this bot has been used to successfully purchase over 50,000 Supreme Sneakers and still counting.

How Does It Work?

The ANB Supreme Bot has a clean and intuitive interface. Because of this, it is very easy to set up and use. To set this bot up, you will need credit information for billing purposes as well as proxies. With these Supreme accounts, you are good to start copping.

  • The first step is to go to the billing area and create a billing profile, after which you are to enter the proxies you intend to use by clicking the proxy button and filling them in the interface provided.
  • To create tasks, click the Add New Button and select Supreme – this will open an interface for you to enter details of the sneakers you want to cop. The information includes the size of the shoe, its color, keyword/early link as well as the billing profile, Supreme account, and the number of tasks to be created, among others.
  • After filling the required information, click the save button. After creating tasks, click the Start All Button and wait for the bot to do its job.


ANB Supreme Bot Features

The Supreme bot by ANB is one of the best in its submarket. It was able to achieve this fit because it comes equipped with some features that make the life of sneakerheads easier. Some of these are discussed below.

Multiple Account Support

This bot allows you to register multiple Supreme site account. For the uninitiated, Supreme will allow you to only pay for a pair per account. To check out more, you have to register more accounts. The ANB Supreme Bot will allow you to register up to 20 accounts so that you can use them for the purchase. One thing you will come to love about this is that all the 20 accounts will work concurrently because of the multithreaded capability of the bot.

Regularly Updated

As I stated earlier, this bot was developed by the team behind Another Nike Bot. If you are conversant with their makers, you will know that they are highly skilled professionals. They put in their expertise and make sure they regularly update this bot by adding new features, providing patches, and fixing bugs.

Link Monitor

Usually, the bots are started even before the drops to have an edge and make sure everything is in order. After the first try, the bot will be on standby, monitoring the link of the sneaker to see if it has been dropped and available for checkout. Immediately it is available; the Supreme Bot goes to work and adds it to cart then quickly checkout.

Retry on Failure

The ANB Supreme Bot is a ruggedly made bot that does not give up easily. When it tries to checkout, and it fails, instead of it to report to you and wait, it automatically retries, making it a bot to use if you won’t be close to your computer all the time. In the case of a crash, it also retries

Multiple Checkout Options

When it comes to checking out sneakers in your shopping cart, the ANB Supreme Bot provides two options for it. it provides an express checkout option using the browser as well the automatic browserless credit card checkout.


The Supreme Bot by ANB is one of the cheapest sneaker bots in the market, considering the fact that it has a professional team with a lot of experience under their belt. For just $99, you get 6-month access to their service. After the 6-months elapses, you are expected to make another payment before you continue receiving updates from them.

Buy the ANB Supreme Bot Today!

If you have read everything above, I am sure you have gotten a reason to buy this bot. Buy the Supreme Bot by ANB from their website.


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