All in One DashBot Extension

The All in One DashBot Extension developed by Heated Sneaks is an AIO bot that is fast, reliable, and comes with an easy to use interface that even first-time users will find it easy.

What is All in One DashBot Extension?

All in One DashBot Extension is an automated bot made for copping sneakers from many sneaker and streetwear stores. The bot is a chrome extension and as such, can run on any PC provided Chrome is installed on such system. This bot was developed by Heated Sneaks, the makers of HS Supreme Bot, and HS Shopify Bot. the bot is regularly updated to suit the changes made to the sites they support.

All in one dashbot extension

The bot comes with a timer and scheduler you can use to get the bot started even when you are not around. The bot is mostly applicable for copping from sites that follow the first-come, first-serve model. However, you are restricted to using it on one device at a time. It comes with some features that though simple, make it a powerful beast.


How Does It Work?

The All in One DashBot Extension automates the process of purchasing from the sites it supports, but it does it very fast and can do more at ones. The bot comes with a backend and a user interface (front-end). The user interface is there for you to command the backend. The backend holds the logic and functionalities of the bot – it is the part responsible for sending web requests to the sites it supports. Watch the video below to learn how to use the All in One DashBot Extension.

All in One DashBot Extension Features

This bot comes with some features that work on all the sites. However, there are some features that are specific to some sites, such as the Splash Page Bypass and Stock Monitoring on Adidas Sites. this section will discuss some of the general features.

Anti-Bot Bypass

The makers of the All in One DashBot Extension is aware of the fight against bots and the techniques used by these online stores. This has helped them develop this bot with the ability to evade detection. The bot comes with an auto-typing feature in order to mimic human typing, so it will look more human. It also supports the use of proxies and comes with a powerful captchas solver that make solving of captcha easy.

Multiple Site Support

The All in One DashBot Extension is an AIO bot. it can be used for copping from any online stores ranging from Adidas, Supreme, YeezySupply, Footsites, Nike (support only Standard release on US sites alone – no support for Draw, SNKRS, and Launch), and many others. The number of sites it supports is 42, and the list is still growing.

Keyword Finder

The All in One DashBot Extension comes with a Keyword Search feature that feeds its users with release keywords early enough so they can be on top of their game.


The bot requires you to pay $74.99 for a license, and it is yours for its lifetime – no renewal fee, no update free. You will agree with me that this makes this bot not only affordable but cheap.

Join the All in One DashBot Extension Family

If you are interested in joining the community of users of this bot, buy a license from Heated Sneaks website now.


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