AIO Bot is arguably the most popular sneaker copping bot in the market and has become the bot of choice among beginners because of its versatility, simplicity, and reliability.

What’s AIO Bot V2?

AIO Bot is the original All in One Bot developed to enable sneaker coppers cop sneakers from many sneaker sites in a bid to cut the cost of subscribing to many sneaker copping bots. Its popularity stems from when it was in its first version (AIO Bot V1). Since then, it’s developers have been fine-tuning it, getting it more suitable for copping, providing more sneaker site support, and coming up with automated systems to better understand changes made by these sneaker sites.


The result of the changes made and their cascading effect is what led to what we have today as AIO Bot V2, a better version of AIO Bot V1. This bot was developed by the makers of Another Nike Bot – a popular add to cart program for Nike sites.

How Does It Work?

AIO Bot is common among beginners because of its simplicity. There’s not much work needed from your end. It is a done for you system that takes care of everything in the sneaker purchasing process until it is added to cart and paid for – so yours is just to receive the order when shipped. The working mechanism is described below.

  • The first thing you have to do is to register and make payment so you’ll be able to make use of the bot. Without an account with an active subscription, it won’t work.
  • Go straight to their website and download AIO Bot V2 and then install it (they will also send it to your email after registration). After the installation, all is now set. Get your payment information and shipping information ready.
  • Launch the bot and choose the copping site(s).
  • Pick the sneaker you want to cop and enter its details such as style, size, and color.
  • You’ll then be taken through a step of setting the bot up. It isn’t a complicated task, and the bot will guide you all through.
  • After the setup, you can then sit back and release – as the bot add the sneakers to your shopping cart and pay for them.

AIO Bot Features

AIO Bot comes packed with a lot of features in its version 2. These are discussed below.

A lot of Sites Supported

If a bot cannot support more than one site, then such bot is not fit to be called an AIO bot. In the case of AIO Bot (the original All in One Bot), it provides support for well, over 70 sneaker copping sites. It supports sites like Adidas, Bapes, Yezzy, Kith, Footsites, Finishline, Nice Kicks, and many Shopify based sneaker sites.

Regular Update

If you are looking for a bot that will always be up to date and not broken, then AIO Bot is arguably one of the tops in this regard. It has a team of about 45 developers that are always on the lookout for code bugs in other for them to be corrected as well as monitor the sites they support to make sure their architecture is up to date with the sites. You’ll receive free updates for 6 months afterward, you have to pay to be able to receive update.

Multithread Support

AIO Bot is one hell of a beast when it comes to concurrency. It comes with the capability to handle 100 concurrent threads. This means that you can potentially cop 100 sneakers at the same time if you have the requirements (proxies, shipping information, and payment details). Not many bots can run up to 100 tasks at a time.

Proxy Support

AIO Bot supports the use of proxies out of the box. For the uninitiated, proxies are intermediate servers that web requests are routed through so that your IP address is masked – providing you the chance to mask your request as coming from different computers.

Captchas Solver

In case you do not know, captchas are some of the greatest headaches of both sneakerheads and sneaker copping bot developers. They can make your copping experience a nightmare as you won’t be able to cop as fast as you should. It comes with both automated and manual captchas packages.


AIO Bot does not work as a subscription-based tool. You are to pay $325 ones, and the bot is yours forever. However, you have to be aware that after 6 months, you have to pay for updates. Updates are not compulsory, though, as, without it, you will still be able to cop sneakers. However, in the case where any site is updated, you lose the chance to cop from there until you subscribe for the update.

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