Successful sneaker botting requires powerful, reliable, and proven software programs that can get you that limited edition foot wears, and other on-demand products, when you need them. That’s exactly what you get with 99Bot. This bot is loaded with powerful features that make sneaker copping look easy.

Moreover, the bot is based on the command-line interface (CLI), making it perfectly suited for beginners as well as professional sneakerheads and resellers.

What’s 99Bot?

99Bot is a sneaker copping software that’s used to automate purchases of limited sneaker editions from online retail stores. The bot is based on the command-line interface (CLI). Meaning, users get to literally type in the tasks to be executed. That makes it ideal for beginners and pro resellers & sneakerheads alike. The bot comes with a handy extension, 99Script, which makes botting of notoriously hard-to-bot websites easy and fast.

That aside, this shoe bot is very affordably priced. For just 250 Euros + a 25 Euro monthly renewal charge, you have your key and the 99Script extension.

Currently, the tool can be used to cop a number of sneaker sites. Some of these include Starcow, Titolo, Off-White, Foot Locker, Offspring, Aw Lab, Footshop, C-Courier, among others. Check out the full list of supported sites here.

These guys restock randomly once a month. Meaning, their bot keys are only available on the monthly. Be sure to follow them on Twitter and Instagram for updates on the latest releases and restocks.

How it works


  • First, login to the discord with the credential sent to you via email (the same login details for your 99Bot dashboard).
  • On the popup window, enter your license key to access the main dashboard.
  • Once you’re in the dashboard, you can start by setting up proxies to spoof your identity and location.
  • Next, set up profiles or import them from leading profile managers. With the profiles ready, go ahead and set up tasks to be executed. After that, click Start to get the bot to work. If you wish to track the copping process, simply type task-watch and then press Enter. To stop “task watch” press Enter

Copping sneaker sites with 99Bot is lightning fast. Meaning, it won’t be long before the purchases are successfully completed and you have the sneakers with you.

99Bot Features

As mentioned above, 99Bot has a host of powerful features that guarantee high success rates when it comes to sneaker copping. Here are some notable ones:

Beginner-friendly CLI bot

The bot is based on the command-line interface (CLI), making it perfect not only for beginners but also for pro sneakerheads and resellers.

A professional support team

To answer all the complex questions related to the performance and use of the 99Bot, the company has put together a professional team of botters for customer support. Be sure to contact them 24/7, whenever you have any bot issues you need fixed. You can also contact them via email: [email protected]

More custom monitors for better service quality

To ensure better reliability and timely updates on releases and restocks, the guys at 99Bot have had to introduce a couple of custom monitors on the back end. That also makes for better support experience.

Supported Operating Systems

Currently, 99Bot is only available on Windows. A version for macOS is soon to be released.

Supported sites

The bot can be used to cop a number of sites. Currently, it supports C-Courier, Footshop, Offspring, Aw Lab, Off White, Titolo, Starcow, among others. Here’s the full list of their supported sites.

A powerful bot extension

99Bot comes with a handy extension, the 99Script, which not only improves the functionality of the bot, but also gives you access to otherwise hard-to-bot websites such as Zalando, Solebox, and Snipes.

Start copping better with 99Bot today!

99Bot is currently available on the Windows operating system. A version for macOS is in the final stages of development and will be released as soon as it’s ready. Also worth mentioning is that the bot supports group buys. If you’re a cook group owner interested in group buys, you can contact 99Bot on their social media handles- 99Bot Twitter, 99Bot Instagram or you can reach them via email: [email protected].


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